Restriction on distribution by Novell?

Arnoud Engelfriet arnoud at
Tue Sep 26 20:35:51 UTC 2006

Chuck Swiger wrote:
> By redistributing GPL'ed software, Novell has granted the recipients the 
> right to likewise redistribute that software to others.  Claiming that the 
> recipients have violated the terms of a support contract by exercising a 
> right that Novell has granted them is non-sensical.

You can summarize this kind of agreement as: 
"Here is some software, licensed under the GNU GPL. We will give you
support for this software. You are free to exercise all rights the GPL
grants you for this software. However, if you exercise your right to
redistribute the software, your right to support stops automatically."

I don't think this violates the GPL, since nothing restricts the
exercise of the rights granted under it. You lose an additional
benefit, but one that's not provided by the GPL.


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