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 Thanks everyone,sorry i was a bit busy with my jabber stuff.I decided to go ahead with jabber-net as michael suggested (njabber did not work out though).Anyway the author of agsxmpp had this to say:

No the Apache or a BSD like licence is not compatible with our shared source licence. You can distribute your code under one of this licences and exclude the agsXMPP library from it. But i don't think this makes sense when your project relies on our SDK.

I know that it's not easy to find a compatible licence if you want to open your source. We are currently evaluating some other OSI compatible licences and perhaps distribute it under a dual licence in one of the next releases. But this is not for sure yet.

Clearly even he is aware that there is no solution to it. :) 

Thanks again everyone and specially to Michael Bernstein.

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Are you sure you want to do that?

The AGSS license seems non-OSD compliant on it's face,  so even if you
use an OSI-approved license that can be used in combination with this
library, the resulting application will not be open-source.

Wouldn't it be better to select a different library with an OSD
compatible license?

There is a list of available XMPP libraries here:

One of them (Jabber-Net) is even written in C# and licensed GPL:

And a little more digging reveals this library licensed LGPL:


- Michael R. Bernstein

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