restrictions on web service linking?

Arnoud Engelfriet arnoud at
Mon Nov 20 22:42:49 UTC 2006

Clark C. Evans wrote:
> I hope the above declaration addresses these concerns.  It is not what I
> was originally proposing, but it is now.  I concede, in the tradition of
> the GPL, that an open source license should not restrict the private
> usage of that software or other software components.  The issue at hand
> is public distribution and performance of derived works which are
> dependent upon proprietary code.

In my opinion, such a derivative is no more "dependent" upon
proprietary database software than it is on its operating system.
The OS and the DBMS are both independent programs with which
your software communicates and interacts to do what it does.
Do you think the OS should be as free/open as the DBMS people
want to use with your software?

OSD #9 says that you can impose restrictions on derivative works
of your software, but not on other software that it interacts with.


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