restrictions on web service linking?

Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at
Mon Nov 20 20:55:28 UTC 2006

I think I see where Clark is coming from too.  He wants to ensure that
downstream users (of the web service) can have the source for all the
applications manipulating their data.  The changes required by his
clause would thus give them additional freedom in a sense.  However, it
would deny the service provider the freedom to store client data (and
even their own data) in the form they choose.  I don't think that
tradeoff is worth it, because the client can always go elsewhere to use
pure open source (and perhaps even eventually OSL) software.

Matthew Flaschen

David Dillard wrote:
> I understand your concern.  However I don't believe you can restrict
> usage the way you want to, whether that usage be public or private, and
> meet the requirements of the OSD as it exists today.
> It seems to me that what you may need to do is broach the subject of
> changing the OSD to include provisions for freedom of data as well as
> freedom of source code.
> --- David

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