Discussing a license

Zak Greant zak at greant.com
Sat Jul 29 00:43:49 UTC 2006

Thanks for writing!

On Jul 28, 2006, at 12:42PDT (CA), John Richard Moser wrote:
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> I'm writing up my own license but don't particularly have legal  
> council
> to seek and am not sure if I want to submit it for approval.  I have a
> draft already; where would be the best place to discuss such things?

New licenses place additional burden on software distributors and  
users. In fact, the Open Source Initiative even has a working group  
dedicated to helping address the issue of license proliferation  

Are you sure that your license:
a) doesn't duplicate an existing license (http://www.opensource.org/ 
b) meets the open source definition? (http://www.opensource.org/docs/ 
c) is needed?


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