Policy for attribution

Matthew Seth Flaschen superm40 at comcast.net
Thu Jul 13 01:44:27 UTC 2006

Russ Nelson wrote:
> Matthew Seth Flaschen writes:
>  > The best choice would be to state simply that no attribution
>  > requirements besides complete reproduction of the copyright
>  > statement and license(s) are acceptable.  Obviously, this conflicts
>  > with certain existing licenses, including the "EU DataGrid Software
>  > License", "Entessa Public License Version. 1.0", and many others.
> Including the GPL.

It doesn't actually require additional attribution, but it does require 
an interactive program that typically prints legal announcements print:

1. Copyright notice
2. Disclaimer of warranty (or notice that there is a warranty)
3. Notice that the program can be redistributed under the GPL
4. A way to view a copy of the GPL

I agree that this requirement is excessive.  However, it doesn't really 
demand additional attribution, just that the attribution be displayed in 
the UI (for interactive programs that display legal announcements), 
along with the warranty disclaimer.

Matthew Flaschen

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