Policy for attribution

Matthew Seth Flaschen superm40 at comcast.net
Tue Jul 11 21:24:51 UTC 2006

Russ Nelson wrote:
> I think we need to develop a policy for attribution, e.g. "Based on
> TrueCrypt, freely available at http://www.truecrypt.org/".  This is
> just one example of many.  I don't see community consensus surrounding
> attribution.  Please discuss.

This is essentially the "The BSD License Problem" 
(http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/bsd.html), but worse because some 
licenses are requiring attribution within the problem.  The best choice 
would be to state simply that no attribution requirements besides 
complete reproduction of the copyright statement and license(s) are 
acceptable.  Obviously, this conflicts with certain existing licenses, 
including the "EU DataGrid Software License", "Entessa Public License 
Version. 1.0", and many others.

Matthew Flascheb

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