GPL v3

John Cowan cowan at
Wed Jan 25 22:08:58 UTC 2006

Wilson, Andrew scripsit:

> Au contraire, my guess is that soon after there is a final GPL v3, the
> bulk of FSF/GNU code will be relicensed v3-only (and this is a lot of
> code).
> Remember, they can do this far more easily than many other projects,
> since FSF requires assignment of copyright.

You may be right, but FSF code is a tiny minority of all GPLed code.

> On the original topic: if GPL v3 does violate the OSD by discriminating
> against a class of applications, e.g. DRMs, RMS might consider this
> a bug, or he might consider it a feature.  It is certainly possible
> he would like to see a sharper distinction between "free software"
> and "open source" rather than consolidation.

I agree, and I agree that section 3 is the most problematic under the OSD.

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