GPL v3

David Dillard david_dillard at
Wed Jan 25 19:12:06 UTC 2006

NewsForge has an article
( about the
reception of the GPL v3 draft in the Debian community.  Apparently,
there is some speculation that the draft may violate the Debian Free
Software Guidelines (DFSG).

My understanding is that the OSI guidelines for open source licenses
were derived from the Debian guidelines.  This got me to thinking:
suppose that the alleged problem areas in the draft survive to the final
version of the license.  Would OSI not approve GPL v3 as open source
license?  Or would OSI change its guidelines to allow GPL v3 to be an
approved license?  After all, how could a version of the license that
helped start the open source movement not be open source?  Does anyone
have an opinion on the approvability of the draft as it stands today.

Admittedly, it may be premature to speculate about this, but I'm curious
what the community thinks.

--- David

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