Free Software Licenses not approved as Open Sourse License

Russ Nelson nelson at
Tue Apr 25 04:43:10 UTC 2006

Laura Majerus writes:
 > Recently, someone had asked whether interested parties who are not
 > stewards of the license can submit licenses for approval by OSI and the
 > answer at the time was "no."  OSI only approves licenses that are
 > submitted for approval by their stewards.  

I don't think that's quite the case.  We've had people submit licenses
by non-stewards.  The problem in that case is that there is no
consultation; no room for a meeting of the minds.  The license can
only be approved on a straight yes or no basis.  Contrast that with
how the NOSA and CDDL were created.  They came to us and said "So,
whaddaya think of this license?"  We told them how we thought the
community in general and you guys in specific would feel about it, and
they made changes to the license in response.  That doesn't happen
when the license isn't submitted by a steward, and it's painful.

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