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The OSI is currently wholly governed by a set of
"trustees" in the form of its board of directors.
As directors have left, replacements have been selected
by the remaining directors in order to keep the board
fully staffed.  This model was both necessary and
appropriate when the the organization was conceived and
formed by the original board.

However, since then the world of open source has
mushroomed far beyond what it was when the original
board formed the OSI, and what was appropriate then
is less so now.  In particular, the size of the OSI
board is much too small to be representative of the
world of open source as it now exists.

The objective of moving to a membership model is to
broaden the "ownership" of the OSI to include the global
community of people who are investing their lives in open
source.  Those members then become the true trustees of the
open source movement, which gives the OSI further legitimacy
as representing their collective voice.

To that end, the OSI Board is soliciting proposals for a
general membership structure, including specifics on how the
Board should be constituted and elected.   Please email
your thoughts to the membership-discuss at mailing
list, where Board Member Ken Coar will moderate and collect
feedback to present to the Board.
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