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Fri Apr 21 22:54:03 UTC 2006

Quoting David A. Temeles, Jr. (dtemeles at

> My response:

For small values of "response".

> On what basis can OSI preclude anyone from designating their software
> license as "open source"?  I am new to this list, but I cannot comprehend
> how OSI would have the legal right to preclude anyone from using the phrase
> "open source" in any fashion. 


You are asking a question based on a fundamental error of fact.  (Nobody 
talked about such "precluding"; OSI's claim to the canonical definition of
that term in the software context is a matter of history and usage, and
thus rests largely on a moral claim, not to mention the backing of many 
interested parties.)

Welcome to the mailing list, anyway.  We won't hold that against you.  ;->

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