Moving Forward (WAS: Governance and responsibility)

Bruno F. Souza bruno at
Mon Sep 26 17:35:07 UTC 2005

Ernest Prabhakar wrote:
> Can I make a suggestion? While I realize that license-proliferation  is 
> front-burner (sigh), how about we charter a small working group to  
> start a back-burner discussion of a *process* for determining  
> membership/election "policy?"  

Yes, this is a top priority. It is already being discussed, and the list 
is already up and available (to be fair, not much "debate" going on 
there yet, so, good time to heat things up).

Many may have missed because it was sent in the middle of another heated 
thread, but long ago Ken Coar invited all to participate in the 
membership discussion and committee:

 > Like the licence proliferation project, the membership
 > project is open for participation to everyone.  Unlike the
 > licence proliferation project, the actual membership ctte
 > is open-ended.
 > The mailing list is at membership-discuss-subscribe at
 > and I enthusiastically invite you, Ian -- and anyone else --
 > to join it.

So, come on in, we agree with you that this is an issue that needs deep 
and open debate. Join now:

      membership-discuss-subscribe at

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