Governance and responsibility

Russell Nelson nelson at
Mon Sep 26 04:06:14 UTC 2005

Ian Lance Taylor writes:
 > When I say that the OSI doesn't speak for the community, I'm not
 > speaking for the community, only for myself.

Orwell is rolling over in his grave.  If you want to speak clearly and
truthfully, you should say "I did not entrust you with anything.  You
thus cannot speak for the whole community".

 > I don't have to speak for the whole community to make OSI's claim
 > to speak for the whole community false.

I cannot imagine ever saying that we speak for the whole community.
It is, as you say, too easily falsifiable.  I think it's fair for us
to say that we speak for the community as a whole (/me nods at
Bernstein's thoughtful turn of phrase).  Other people can make the
same claim.  If we say different things, then I would say that's a
problem that needs to be fixed.  Until that happens, I don't see a
problem that needs to be fixed.

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