Restrictions in license

Wilson, Andrew andrew.wilson at
Thu Sep 22 20:54:48 UTC 2005

Joerg Friedrich wrote: 

> let's assume I would take an OSI approved license like the Apache
> 2.0 for some server software (e.g. a web server), and would add a user
> limitation to this license in a way that the license for the server
> and all derived work carries this user limitation. Other than that
> would not be any restrictions.
> Would you still consider this an Open Source license in the spirit of
> OSD? If not, which part of the definition would this go against?

Not sure what you mean by "user limitation" in this context.
Do you mean, for example, an upper bound on the number of concurrent
sessions which could be served?

Whatever you have in mind here, I'm guessing it violates the
OSD.  For example, placing an upper bound on concurrent sessions
discriminates against large, commercial sites, and thus violates
OSD #6.  So, your proposed license would be allowable under Apache 2.0,
which allows relicensing derivatives on more restrictive terms, but not
open source.

Andy Wilson
Intel Open Source Technology Center


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