Status of ACE License Submission

Andy Tai lichengtai at
Thu Sep 22 19:20:25 UTC 2005

Well, what I like to see is for the ACE right holder
to say the same thing: you can use ACE/TAO with GPL

Then that is the same as directly license ACE under
the GPL in addition to whatever other license is used

And this matters because ACE and TAO are two great
pieces of software contributed to the world by 
Washington University.  Few works of research software
are as professionally done in their publicly available
(free software/open source) forms as ACE/TAO.

--- Russell Nelson <nelson at> wrote:

> Andy Tai writes:
>  > Please consider dual license it under the Apache
>  > License 2 and the GNU LGPL so ACE can be used in
> GPLed
>  > programs.  Just using the Apache license will
> make ACE
>  > not usable with GPL programs, severely limiting
>  > ACE/TAO.
> Well, I would note that the FSF is the source of the
> idea that Apache
> is not compatible with the GPL, but they are not
> authoritative over
> the interpretation of the copyright holder.  Because
> of the
> uncertainty (ASF says compatible, FSF says not), you
> really need to
> contact each copyright holder and ask *them* if they
> think Apache is
> compatible with GPL or not.  For example, I have no
> problem with
> software distributed as a combined work under both
> licenses, so for
> all of my GPL'ed works: go for it.
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