selling GPL sources

Guilherme C. Hazan lista at
Tue Sep 20 16:54:49 UTC 2005

Hi Ben,

> Wouldn't removing said splash screen violate section 2C of the GPL? 
> They might be able to modify it, but they can't remove it by my
> reading.

Indeed. That protect us, at some level.

> Please remember that the GPL was written before most people were on
> the internet.  And back when most who were, were on very slow
> connections.  Therefore a distributer was likely to have to mail
> software at significant cost.  This term was protection for a
> distributer to keep them from being out of pocket if many people
> wanted source.
> It is also worth noting that a primary beneficiary of this protection
> was the Free Software Foundation.  They distributed a lot of GPLed
> software, and their financial resources were minimal.

This is very interesting. Isnt time then to create a new version of the 
GPL license and update it to our current degree of (un)civilization?



ps: any chances that people reply to the list only? I keep getting two 
copies of all replies. :-P

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