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Tue Sep 20 05:36:35 UTC 2005

Quoting Guilherme C. Hazan (guich at

> This makes sense. But suppose the author just want to use GPL, not a 
> weird license. Or lets suppose that someone else but the author gets the 
> GPLd software and asks for a fee of the sources. Without any other 
> assumptions (such as this doesnt make sense bc others can give the 
> source for free), will this be illegal?


Make up your mind.  Please state what the situation _is_.

If you are just conjuring up a flurry of hypothetical imaginary
situations -- contrary to your initial statement that you're "aware 
of a program that uses the GPL license and the author made the binaries
free but not the sources", then please clarify that you are doing so.  I
think you'll find, however, that people will be rather more keen on
helping you understand one situation that you say is something you're
facing, that on making separate pronouncement on each of a series of
imaginary situations, where we don't even have any idea why you're

The last time I encountered a Superwaba PalmOS developer, he was trying
to make excuses for a serious licensing problem (use of third-party code
he'd "found" at a repository of 1999 JavaOne developer conference code, 
and also similar "found" code in SCO's old Open License Software
Supplement (Skunkware) archive, -- that he'd
managed to slip past as his supposedly open source
codebase, "Wabburami".  I hope that wasn't a bad omen.  ;->

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