selling GPL sources

Guilherme C. Hazan guich at
Mon Sep 19 23:21:17 UTC 2005

Hi Ian,

 >> I'm aware of a program that uses the GPL license and the author made
 >> the binaries free but not the sources. He asks a fee for the sources
 >> (about 100usd).
 >> Is this legal or is he infringing the GPL license?
 > The GPL permits "a charge no more than your cost of physically
 > performing source distribution."  If his cost is 100USD or greater,
 > than he is not infringing.  If his cost is less than 100USD, then he
 > is infringing.

Sorry, isnt the opposite? If it is 100 or less, then its ok, otherwise, 
if is more than 100, then is illegal?



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