OVPL Summary, Take 3

Ben Tilly btilly at gmail.com
Sun Sep 18 04:57:17 UTC 2005

On 9/17/05, David Barrett <dbarrett at quinthar.com> wrote:
> So my goal here is to create a summary that is reasonably accurate.  I'm
> not trying to generate more discussion, nor am I trying to highlight any
> more corner cases and fine details.  Rather, I'm hoping to get a general
> summary of the major points in a form most of us agree upon.  So if you
> see a flaw in the summary below, please don't respond with a broad
> discussion -- respond with specific textual changes.  Likewise, if
> something sounds unreasonable, please don't extrapolate it to its
> extreme conclusion and then debate that point -- guess what reasonable
> point I'm trying to make and then propose a clarification.
> D) The OVPL forbids "private groups", such as the GPL allows.
> The rebuttal is that this is an OSD-compatible feature, not a bug.

The concern that I saw is that the OVPL allows the ID to go on
"fishing expeditions", making requests of people just to see what
you'll find.  I haven't been following closely enough to see whether
this has been addressed.  I'm also not entirely clear on whether this
is just a reason to dislike the license, or in some way is an
objection to its being approved.

If that is the concern that you are talking about in D), then I
personally am inclined to fall back on the definition that "a feature
is a bug with seniority" and note that this particular one isn't
senior, and so has not graduated to featuredom.


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