OSL 3.0: informing licensees of their rights

Sanjoy Mahajan sanjoy at mrao.cam.ac.uk
Fri Sep 16 02:03:42 UTC 2005

The OSL 2.1 required the licensor to give the address of a source-code
repository (unless source was provided along with the work), but the
OSL 3.0 no longer requires that.  How will licensees know that they
have broad rights to copy, modify, and distribute the work?  One way
is from the notice of licensing, "Licensed under the Open Software
License v3.0".  But there's no requirement to retain, in the original
work, the notice of licensing.  The source code will still have the
notice, but the licensee doesn't have the source.

So imagine A is the author, who licenses to B, who licenses to C.  B
removes A's notice of licensing from the executable or the document,
and doesn't tell C about the existence of source code, let alone how
to get t.  How will C even know to ask for the source, let alone find
out his or her other rights under the OSL?


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