For Approfal: OSL 3.0 and AFL 3.0

Russell Nelson nelson at
Wed Sep 14 01:22:15 UTC 2005

Lawrence Rosen writes:
 > This is yet another example of OSI spending more effort on form
 > rather than function

Nope.  It's functional.  Back before it was a requirement, people
would submit licenses and the ONLY WAY to tell that the email was a
license approval request was to read through each and every email in
detail to see if this subject or that subject or this thread or that
thread contained an approval request.

By specifying a standard form in which to submit approval requests, a
submittor has a chance of actually getting their license approved.

You were there -- you know what happened without the standard form.

And because you've been a nice and helpful person in the past, I'll
ignore your petty use of 'f' instead of 'v' in the subject.

 > (e.g., the ONLY comment I've received about these licenses from ANY
 > OSI board member or attorney is this complaint from Russ about the
 > subject line),

Now you know why we have committees.

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