For Approval: CeCILL (providing source)

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Fri Sep 9 14:57:02 UTC 2005

Dear all,

To my knowledge, the English translation of this license is here:, and is 
considered to have the same legal value as the original French text.

But I could not find a clear status of whether CECILL is OSI-approved or 
not, and why.


At 01:47 28/06/2005, Wilson, Andrew wrote:
>Stéphane Dalmas wrote:
> > The obligation is not for the
> > user to still be able to get the source code in 70 years. If at one 
> point you
> > offer to your customer the possibility to get a CD with the source code
> > or a way to access it on a Web site, you have fulfilled your obligation.
>This is perfectly reasonable.  However, it is not what the draft version
>of CeCILL you circulated actually says.  Perhaps you can clarify how the
>source code obligation can be satisfied in a future draft?
>Andy Wilson
>Intel Open Source Technology Center

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