When can licenses be revoked? (was: License Proliferation)

Alex Bligh alex at alex.org.uk
Thu Sep 8 07:46:21 UTC 2005

--On 08 September 2005 11:31 +1000 Brendan Scott <lists at opensourcelaw.biz> 

> Eg - can a cinema owner eject you from a cinema even though you have paid
> for a ticket to see the movie?

Are we talking Hurst v. Picture Theatres Ltd [1915] 1 KB 1 here? If so,
I remember the ratio being exactly the opposite, which is why Mr Hurst
won damages in an action for assault as is contractual license (or,
as the court had it, his non-gratuitous license) was purportedly (and
unjustifiably) terminated by the cinema, DESPITE the fact it gave him
no proprietary interest. Or am I remembering wrong?


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