License Proliferation

Chris Zumbrunn chris at
Mon Sep 5 11:52:22 UTC 2005

On Sep 5, 2005, at 6:39 AM, Russell Nelson wrote:

> Matthew Seth Flaschen writes:
>> Russell Nelson wrote:
>>> None of which contradicts my point that the GPL splits the free
>>> software community into users of licenses compatible with the GPL, 
>>> and
>>> users of licenses incompatible with the GPL.
>> So does every other license, a fact that you oddly failed to mention.
> It *is* odd that I didn't mention it.

What are you both saying here?  I can't interpret the last two 
sentences in
any way that evaluates to true. Is that a guru meditation error on my 

You mean if there wouldn't be any other licenses other than the GPL then
the software community would not be split? That would be a very 
point of view indeed.


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