License Proliferation

Russell Nelson nelson at
Mon Sep 5 02:12:12 UTC 2005

Matthew Seth Flaschen writes:
 > The GPL protects what the FSF has identified as the fundamental 
 > freedoms, namely

None of which contradicts my point that the GPL splits the free
software community into users of licenses compatible with the GPL, and
users of licenses incompatible with the GPL.  If that's a bad thing
for the free software community, then we are duty bound to say so.

 > If you are really making these claims as a devil's advocate, you
 > should think twice.  Should you really be advocating a position
 > that has supporters who are so apathetic about it they will not do
 > so themselves?

Part of representing the interests of the community is representing
the interests of the parts of the community you disagree with.

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