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Joseph Lorenzo Hall joehall at
Thu Oct 27 01:14:39 UTC 2005

On 10/26/05, Laura Majerus wrote:
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> > Dear concerned parties,
> >
> > As a user and developer of open source software, I find myself writing
> > license summaries to keep track of which licenses are compatible with
> > others in which circumstances. As I see it, part (or the crux) of the
> > license proliferation problem is confusion and compatibility between
> > licenses.
> Right now, volunteers are working on a license wizard that will help with this, at least a bit. Volunteers are from San Francisco State (programming) and USC law school (content of wizard).
> The wizard will let people search for licenses based on attributes of the licenses.

And this should launch relatively soon (the Samuelson Clinic here at
Berkeley contributed as did I)... It's quite a piece of work. -Joe

Joseph Lorenzo Hall
PhD Student
UC Berkeley, School of Information (SIMS)

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