Board meeting?

David Barrett dbarrett at
Tue Oct 18 16:51:56 UTC 2005

On Tue, 18 Oct 2005 1:38 am, Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:
>>  A summary then, though it's a little scary that something "approved" 
>> in
>>  board meeting N needs to be "re-approved" in board meeting N+1.
> No, what needs to be approved is the *record* of what was done,
> just in case the minute-taker made a mistake.

Ah, I understand now.  Thanks.

>>  there's been little
>>  evidence on this list that the board actually does anything.
> That's curious, since the board has been doing a hell of a lot more
> in the last few months than ever before.

I'm encouraged to hear that.  And to be honest, I'm not at all 
surprised.  I believe the OSI is a valuable organization, and I rather 
trust that the priests and prophets are speaking accurately about the 
activity up above.  But your email is another example of "yes things are 
happening, and that's funny you don't know what they are,  but I won't 
educate you and I just ask that you to keep up the faith".

Said another way, I'm not claiming activity isn't happening.  I'm just 
claiming there's little evidence left behind.  The website, for example, 
seems infrequently updated, creating the impression of a "dead" 
organization.  Your mailing list being absent is a case in point.  It's 
great you've got a formal minutes process, but the process produces 
nothing that we ever see, and certainly not in a timely manner.  The one 
"license approval roundup" was great, but was a gasp of effort so late 
in coming that it appeared more like a random event than a deliberate 
process.  I think it's great that you talk with CEOs; sit on panels at 
conferences around the world.  I think it'd be nice if the board spoke 
with us, too, and in a tone that invites rather than stifles feedback.

I'm not trying to minimize the activity you're doing.  I'm just asking 
you tell us what it is on a more regular basis, and maybe bring is into 
the fold on occasion.  Something as basic as a monthly "OSI News" update 
-- so long as it were reliable and not some random, haphazard event -- 
would probably go most of the way.

> Send a message to
> membership-discuss-subscribe at to join.

Ok, will do.

> On a side note, I find it a trifle ironic that some of the
> communications that *have* been happening have been missed.
> There's no procedural cure for that.  As I said, everyone
> does his best.

I totally agree, everyone is doing his best based on the perceived 
priorities.  I'm just asking to bump up the priority of community 

The best open source projects have continuous, interactive dialog with 
their comminities.  The OSI, as our representatives to the world, should 
set the standard toward which we all aspire.

Thanks for your patient and thorough responses.


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