restricting the use of open source software

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Sun Mar 27 03:10:36 UTC 2005


I empathsis - but this could be very tough to figure out.

For example - would you want to block the use of your
software by military units delivering humanitarian aid, or
in re-building infrastructure, or medical supplies?

Similarly a supplier like Walmart may deliver goods
to military units - but not be able to necessarily "see"
that - because they are local PO's on credit cards.

It might be clearer to state that your software not
be used directly in weapons systems - that I suspect is
closer to what you are really wanting....?


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Subject: restricting the use of open source software

> Hello,
> I am interesting in learning about any open source license with the
> particular feature that it forbids use of the software in any
> military application and within  military institutions.
> Does anyone know of such a license, or if a modifying clause to an
> existing license (ideally GPL) can possibly add this restriction?
> Many thanks for any information,

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