Which license is recommended?

Alan Rihm alan at rihm.com
Wed Mar 23 20:06:44 UTC 2005

If we put our copyright notice in the UI, would that address the issue?

Does the Adaptive Public License address this issue 

How about the Apple Public Source License 

Russell Nelson wrote:

>Alan Rihm writes:
> > Please recommend a license that does the following:
> > 
> > Requires any of our notices, including our "Powered By" tag, to remain 
> > in the UI (and source code) of our software.
>There is no already-approved license which does that.  In order to
>accomplish that you'll have to assert that your copyright covers
>public performances (that is to say, construction of a web page).
>Copyright law gives you control over that, although I don't know of
>anybody who actually tries to control it.  You might find people
>resistant to the idea, and since you WANT people to use your code, you
>might not be successful.
>You'll need to contact a lawyer.
>There's certainly precedent for language that requires the non-removal
>of notices; the GPL requires that an interactive program print its
>copyright and GPL permission notice when it starts up.

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