Of un-patents and un-inventions

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It's not that patent are hard to get - that's the whole point!

They are too easy - and when someone get's one - its comes
free with the legal equivalent of a tactical nuclear missile.

Imagine if the government was actually giving out tactical
nuclear missiles to any American who could pay a $500 fee
and complete some paperwork on why they need one,
subject to a 16 hour review processing and issuing time limit
(the time the USPTO allocates to processing a patent).

The whole point is to stop the USPTO being able to issue
patents in a whole range of areas - creating a nuclear-free
zone as it were.


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> David Webber suggests:
> >It suddenly occurred to me - that creating un-patents and un-inventing
> >is entirely possible - and indeed we could create a review board
> >and repository to receive these.  These would be a powerful antidote
> >to any possible future claims - and also make nice references for
> >the license to cite the un-invention and un-patent and un-claims.
> Actually, it would probably have very little effect, for two reasons.
> First, what you propose is already being offered by a few Web sites,
> with no effect on the operations of patent offices.  Second, all
> patent offices have major problems dealing with large databases of
> abstracts to publications on software.  There are more effective ways
> to help patent offices deal with the logistics of handling non-patent
> prior art during examination.  Hopefully someday they will solicit
> such ideas.  Achieving higher quality software patents (still the best
> tool for small companies) is not that difficult technologically or
> financially, just apparently politically.
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