An explanation of the difficulty of solving license proliferation in one sentence

Forrest J. Cavalier III mibsoft at
Wed Mar 9 21:14:18 UTC 2005

Russell Nelson wrote:
> There's nothing so unattractive as whining about the effort put out by
> volunteers by somebody who hasn't lifted a hand to help.

Yes, I owe an apology for my crass glossing over of the difficulties
of setting up and policing a branding program.

It was a wrong way to phrase how important I estimated that would have
been compared to actions under present discussion.  I'm sorry.

The larger problem is that OSI attempts to use volunteers for
tasks that need the attention of paid employees, and more of a problem
is that the big corporate friends who have recently shown up to express their wants
and desires, also expect that a volunteer organization and license-discuss list
should get the same motivations and be as predictably productive as
paid employees.

There's something going on that us serfs on license-discuss still have
not been told...Something behind ESR's recent statement here:

ESR>   My intention is that the people who have been putting heavy pressure
ESR>   on OSI to solve the proliferation problem are going to get what they
ESR>   want, and they're going to get it good and hard.

Who are "the people" and what does "heavy pressure" mean?

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