Three new proposed OSD terms

Jason White jasonjgw at
Sat Mar 5 02:15:46 UTC 2005

Eugene Wee writes:
 > Jason White wrote:
 > > And what would the criteria be for deciding whether a license is
 > > duplicative?
 > Well, the issue might come from the use proper names.
 > The authors of a proposed license might intend to duplicate an existing 
 > license, but to use their own proper names, perhaps because the existing 
 > license uses proper names.

This is however covered by the proposed requirement that new licenses
should be reusable. A license containing proper names is not, prima
facie, well designed for reuse in other projects. An exception would
be the proper name of the party responsible for drafting and
publishing revised versions of
the license itself.

If "duplicative" simply means not reusable in this sense then the
non-duplication proposal is redundant, and all that is really needed
is for new licenses to be as generic as possible.

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