Comparing OSI to OASIS and W3C

David Webber (XML) david at
Fri Mar 4 19:05:31 UTC 2005


What this is missing is the matrix of checkboxes - so you can easily see the
crossreferencing - and determine by that - which license(s) is more closely
suited to your purpose.

I'm sure by examining this list of 29 - a check list of prominent features
aspects can be gleaned (eg differencies between GNU 1.0 and GNU 1.1).
That can then be compared to the common usage scenarios and
intended audience.

For people wanting to quickly determine fit for purpose this would be

I love the registration of license certificate too. Killer.

Aside: This may be something we could orchestrate using an ebXML
registry - and store those licenses in the key store that it has - along
with metadata about the licensee, etc.


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> (Has 29 licenses, but missing some OSI approvals in the last
> two years.  Someone reasonably conversant in licensing (doesn't
> have to be a lawyer) can create a .lh file for any license.)

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