Three new proposed OSD terms

Alex Rousskov rousskov at
Fri Mar 4 17:41:43 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005/03/03 (MST), <nelson at> wrote:

> Alex Rousskov writes:
> > To summarize, I think the proposed terms add another degree of >  
> complexity but will not significantly reduce the number of> licenses  
> that OSI approves in the next 10 years.
> So are you saying that you see no solution to the license
> proliferation problem?  Or are you denying the existance of the
> problem?

I am saying that the proposed solution will not work as intended. I hope  
there is already consensus regarding that.

Whether the problem is real and whether there are any solutions is  
irrelevant for this discussion (and both questions require a good  
definition of what the alleged problem is).


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