CIO Magazine on Open Source

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Fri Mar 4 17:14:28 UTC 2005

Obviously we all need to chip-in and run the Super-Bowl ad'.

We could at least run an internet contest for a Flash Ad' - 
"Why Open Source - Your Next Project needs it".

PR does not need to be expensive - and all free PR should
be embraced and leveraged!!

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> On Thu, Mar 03, 2005 at 10:58:07AM -0800, Lawrence Rosen wrote:
> > This is an interesting article from CIO Magazine about open source:
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> > (Apologies in advance for cross-posting. /Larry)
> It's actually kind of sad that CIO is doing a "you should consider
> Open Source software" article in 2005. I'd say that any IT manager who
> doesn't consider Open Source alternatives for any new project should
> be fired. It's simply unacceptable.
> Then again, IT managers are a notoriously conservative lot, and as
> I've known my share of IT managers who eye personal computers with
> distrust and disdain, there are probably plenty who just haven't even
> bothered investigating Linux, Apache, Gnome, Open Office, or Firefox.
> Or heard of.
> ~ESP

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