Comparing OSI to OASIS and W3C

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Very Cool.

My consitutency is inside OASIS - and I'm needing to be
able to recommend to those members - when and if any
of the current OASIS Board moves on IPR make
any sense at all WRT open source.

Right now I do not believe this to be the case; but
having substantive materials to point to that
are clear and simple to grasp - is the challenge.

And then for OASIS itself to see how it can
make the correct moves to address the situation and
provide for the best blend for OSI usage of
OASIS specifications.

There are of course some mindset issues - but I'm
used to the need to hit those apparent walls.

The discussion these past two weeks have been
truely excellent - I'm now looking for the means
to cull and draw the heart of all this together
and make it available so we can use it as a
position of strength to effect change.

Thanks, DW

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I should introduce myself. I'm Laura Majerus, half of the new lawyer team
for OSI. I've been on this list for a while, but have been mostly in listen

OSI is definitely planning to put out a table summarizing existing licenses.
It will help people with choosing a license, which will (may? might?) lead
to less license proliferation.


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Here's what a chiefly need - something like this table below.

I know this may be asking for the sky and the stars - but if
there was something like this it would be very helpful -
even in draft form.

Thanks, DW

      OSI license template name Expected use for - X
      license compatiblity -
      A o    o    o IPR Type 1, Z - Yes, others No Z, T = Yes, X, S = No
      B    o o o  No  No
      C o o o    o Partial - IPR type 3, others no T = Yes, Y = partial
      D    o o   No  Yes
      E    o o o o No  No

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