Three new proposed OSD terms

Russell Nelson nelson at
Thu Mar 3 22:33:51 UTC 2005

Alex Rousskov writes:
 > On Wed, 2005/03/02 (MST), <nelson at> wrote:
 > > Matthew Garrett writes:
 > >
 > > > Duplicative licenses aren't a major problem *as long as they're>  
 > > mutually compatible*.
 > >
 > > Not true.  Martin Fink has a problem at HP.  He can only deploy
 > > software if HP's IT department has approved the license.
 > This is not a major problem, IMO. HP can allocate enough resources to  
 > quickly review all 100 or 200 licenses that OSI is going to approve in the  
 > next few years (and licenses outside of OSI are outside of this discussion  
 > scope). Moreover, I doubt the terms you propose will significantly  
 > decrease HP overheads long-term.

Martin Fink is a subscriber to this mailing list, and can speak for himself.

 > To summarize, I think the proposed terms add another degree of complexity  
 > but will not significantly reduce the number of licenses that OSI approves  
 > in the next 10 years.

So are you saying that you see no solution to the license
proliferation problem?  Or are you denying the existance of the

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