Three new proposed OSD terms

Russell Nelson nelson at
Wed Mar 2 22:43:50 UTC 2005

Alex Bligh writes:
 > This seems a little ill-defined. For instance, is a license which
 > is identical to an existing license apart from a jurisdiction clause
 > duplicative? There are all sorts of reasons why (say) non-Californian
 > companies might not want exclusive jurisdiction in (say) California USA.
 > On the other hand, clearly no license will be entirely duplicative
 > (i.e. verbatim identical) because noone would bother to apply.

You're right, it's going to end up being a judgement call.

 > I would suggest this is rephrased as something like "No new license
 > shall be approved which is similar to an existing license unless
 > the submitter can show substantive differences between the new
 > license and each similar existing license."

The wording might be better (I won't argue), but there's still a
judgement call needed.  There's no magic wand.

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