Three new proposed OSD terms

Russell Nelson nelson at
Wed Mar 2 20:53:09 UTC 2005

Ken Sedgwick writes:
 > If it is difficult to make such changes, should long-standing 
 > open-source licenses be denied OSI certification merely because they are 
 > duplicative or contain proper names?

Official board position: We have no plans to deny OSI certification to
any software currently using an OSI approved license.

My own opinion: We could do that, but it would be risky.  It would be
safer but more complicated to search out the projects currently using
an approved license, and say to them "Okay, you guys, you can still
use the OSI-Certified trademark."  But then not let anybody else using
that license gain certification.  Or we could create a new
certification mark, e.g. "OSI Gold" and hand it out more sparingly.

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