Three new proposed OSD terms

Matthew Garrett mjg59 at
Wed Mar 2 20:10:02 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-03-02 at 14:57 -0500, David A. Wheeler wrote:

>   So how do you pick the recommended list?  I think the short answer
>   is, use popularity as your guide, both in lines of code and # of projects.
>   Freshmeat and SourceForge both have stats on the number of projects;
>   my paper has some stats on lines of code.
>   Then snag the first few. Figuring out exactly where to cut things
>   off is hard. Heck, even seven would be better than
>    the massive list currently on the site.  A long list would probably look like
>   GPL, LGPL, MIT, BSD-new, MPL (or some variant), Artistic.

While I agree that a recommended list would be an excellent aid, with
the exception of the MPL there's no patent-defence clauses in the listed
licenses. That's not something that concerns me a great deal, but I can
see it being an issue for other people.

Mind you, there's currently no good community consensus on the
patent-defence issue. The Apple Public Source License terminates if I
sue Apple over a patent I hold on plastic clip design, which strikes me
as ludicrously restrictive but isn't something that's well covered by
the OSD as it stands.

(Debian's leaning towards treating the APSL as non-free for the above
reason at the moment)
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