Three new proposed OSD terms

David Webber (XML) david at
Wed Mar 2 17:22:43 UTC 2005

Remember Borlands common sense - "use like a book" license?

Having been in the middle of this attourney / programmer slugfest
on several occasions - converting legalize into something practical
is 100% required.

Attourneys do not write software - its not their livelihood on the
line here - its ours.


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> --On 02 March 2005 08:11 -0800 Joel West <svosrp at> wrote:
> > Am I missing something? I though open source licenses were written to
> > allocate the rights to a programmer's efforts in a way that is
> > enforceable in a court of law.
> >
> > I realize that Larry Rosen may today be a controversial figure here, but
> > read his book (or that of Andrew St. Laurent) on some of the "clearly
> > written" licenses. They may be appealing to a programmer, but who knows
> > what a court will decide if they're ever tested? And if they make an
> > attorney throw up his hands in despair, what company will use them?
> A well made point.
> Alex

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