NPO Developers License

Don Cameron donc at
Thu Apr 28 21:32:03 UTC 2005

All, again, thank you.

I have received a large number of off-list posts offering suggestions as
well as requesting information on the outcome of our search for similar
project needs (projects I certainly commend and wish you all measures of
success). In the interests of closure I am taking the liberty of posting
once more to this forum.  

One contributor pointed me to the "Fair Source License" which at first read appears to cover our
requirements well. Distribution and derivative works are empowered yet
commercialization (selling) is prohibited without express and separate
approval from the copyright owners. Our use of this license will be
dependent on legal advice however I am hopeful it will meet our purpose. I
believe this license differs from the "Fair License" mentioned on OSI
although am yet to return for confirmation.

For the benefit of those who asked jurisdictional questions and/or offered
philosophical input on the benefits of commercialization, thank you. Your
points are noted. To the two respondents seeking clarification of our
jurisdictional concerns; may I repeat our project is global hence the
objective is to comply with the lowest jurisdictional denominator, not the
highest (US or EC etc.). Even acknowledging the expansive legislative
restrictions placed on NPO's in the US (donations and/or resale of products
over the value of $5,000 must be reported to the IRS etc.), these
restrictions would probably not impact on us, yet they are not the same as
those of the Arab Emirates, Indonesia or Vietnam to name a few (which could
impact on us). Of even more import, NPO Constitutions vary widely across the
globe. Many prohibit commercialization of any form even where this is
empowered by legislation. For reference I suggest you peruse the
constitutions of a few thousand NPO's. This may help answer your questions
better than I am able (even after 25 years of working with NPO's around the
globe I do not profess expertise in the nuances of the hugely varying
constitutional or parent org governing requirements). If you are truly
seeking insight into NPO requirements may I politely suggest you spend time
researching the topic. 


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