Best licence for my software?

Matthew Seth Flaschen superm40 at
Sun Apr 17 03:55:52 UTC 2005

>>>A) University employees, students and researchers should be able, in 
>>>connection with their work/studies/research in their university, to copy, use 
>>>and modify both my Library/API and my Application without restrictions as 
>>>long as I get proper credit. The MIT Licence seems to do this job well, but 
>>>it is not restricted only to university people.
    I don't think you'll find anyone here who will help you with that.  
Neither will any of the licenses on  It violates numbers 
5 and/or 6 of the definition of open source software according to 
OSI(Open Source Initiative)[see]

>>>B) Everyone else who wants to use the Library/API outside the context of 
>>>university studies should be able to copy, use and modify my Library/API 
>>>under a weak copyleft licence which will enable me to collect back their 
>>>bugfixes/improvements/changes to my library/API and allow them to use this 
>>>library in any software no matter their licence. The LGPL and CDDL licences 
>>>seem good for this requirement.
The LGPL would work well.  I recommend it, because it's completely GPL 
compatible, which allows GPL developers, of which there are many to use 
that code in GPL work.

>>>C) Non-university people should be able to copy, use and modify the actual 
>>>application I produced (which uses my library/API) under a strong copyleft 
>>>licence which will prohibit them from incorporating the application's code in 
>>>proprietary programs. The GPL licence seems to be the best one for this job.
The GPL is one of the most powerful copyleft licenses around.

>>>D) GPL projects should be able to incorporate any part of my Library/API and 
>>>Application code.
As stated, the LGPL allows this.

>>>Which licence is the best one to license my software, in your opinion?
I would go with LGPL for the library and GPL for the rest.(this ignores 
your separation of university students and employees, which isn't 
opensource, according to OSI and me) :)

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