Why not attack the Dual-License GPL model?

Chuck Swiger chuck at codefab.com
Tue Apr 12 05:23:13 UTC 2005

Bruce Perens wrote:
> Joel West wrote:
>> Why not attack the dual license GPL model?

Could we start with, "*why* attack the dual-license GPL model?", and maybe 
"please, not again?"  The GPL is a fine license, and there is a lot of cool 
software using it.  It's not going to sneak up and bite you, or infect other 
source code with the software cooties, or whatever the latest hobgoblin is.

It's not as if the license-flamewars are gaining in novelty over time:
holding a strong opinion about something makes you opinionated, not original.

   [ ...snip... ]

I agree with what Bruce says afterwards, which is why I am replying to this 
particular message.  Heh.  I like being agreeable; it has a certain rarity 
value in this world.


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