Hi guys, new PHP coder

Alex Rousskov rousskov at measurement-factory.com
Mon Apr 11 16:06:51 UTC 2005


	I hope that with Mike's help we will be able to get the first version  
running this week so that we can simplify/tune the design further, based  
on the initial experience and feedback. Please let me know if you need  
more info/help.

Thank you,


On Mon, 2005/04/11 (MDT), <jclift at digitaldistribution.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Before we get into the coding of the license wizard/guide, I'm swapping  
> myself out for Mike Williams, one of my trusted guys.
> He's into PHP (wrote a book on it), Python (wrote a book on that too),  
> Debian, and many other bits and pieces.
> He'll be doing the actually coding, and I'll be waving from the  
> sidelines. :)
> Mike, I've forwarded you about 58 or 59 emails, being the relevant  
> conversation on list and off list.  It should give you enough background  
> to get a feel for what's needed.
> Alex has an idea/approach for using weightings in the license guide that  
> sounds practical, so you should go with his approach unless it turns out  
> to not be workable after all.
> In the later emails (forwarded) he's given decent amounts of lower level  
> detail, and in the last few emails he's included an example weighting  
> file from memory.
> If you have any questions, these guys are quite open and friendly to  
> being asked, and you know you can always ask me stuff too.
> We still need to work out with Brian Behlendorf <brian at collab.net> a  
> test server for the site, and personally I feel it's a good idea to get  
> that sorted out early on, to avoid future hassles.
> :)
> Regards and best wishes,
> Justin Clift

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