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John Cowan jcowan at reutershealth.com
Sun Apr 10 07:08:40 UTC 2005

Chuck Swiger scripsit:

> "Dominant license"?  Hmm.  [1]

I call the GPL dominant not certainly because it is the most frequent
license of *instances* of software (it isn't) nor because it is the
most common license used by developers (which it may be).  I call it
dominant because other licenses are judged, among other factors, by
whether or not they are GPL-compatible, rather than the GPL being judged
by how compatible it is or isn't with some other license.  The FSF
maintains a most useful list of free software licenses divided into
GPL-compatible and GPL-incompatible.  The web sites of the APSL, the
MPL, the CPL, and the CDDL do not maintain such lists.

> I recall people on the GNU lists who felt much the same way.  I don't 
> mind people who prefer and advocate the GPL-- it is a good license, and 
> is definitely one people should consider-- but I'm willing to object when 
> people switch from recommending the GPL to advocating the GPL so strongly 
> that they dismiss reasonable alternatives from consideration.
> I don't believe that is the position you hold, John-- the initial version 
> of your wizard selected what seemed to be pretty reasonable assortment of 
> the popular licenses, after all-- and I apologize if I seem to be setting 
> you up to defend a position that is not the position you actually have.

It isn't my position, any more than it's my position that English is
superior to other languages when I say that it is the world's most
widely learned second language and the most generally useful language

> However, a user trying to select the best license for them using the 
> license wizard, should be presented with questions that evaluate that 
> user's requirements and preferences, without an obvious bias towards one 
> specific license.

I don't believe that asking about GPL-compatibility is a bias in favor
of the GPL for the reasons given above.

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