"Open Source Constitution"?

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sat Apr 9 18:00:19 UTC 2005

Quoting Andrew Aitken (andrew at olliancegroup.com):

> I'd like to know if the OSI Board has had any conversations with the
> folks at CA and/or Sun about this? Danase? Their goal is a fine one
> but their selection of CDDL as the potential template is certainly
> alarming. 

I can't imagine why.  It's a perfectly fine, well crafted weak-copyleft
open source licence.

> Plus I hope they do not plan on using the word "constitution" in the
> license or for marketing purposes. That term has many powerful
> emotional associations I personlly believe are most appropriate for
> something developed by the community and in the spirit of "free"
> software not "commercial open source" software.

If they do, this would hardly be the first time a marketing effort
has made itself look silly in public through use of overblown language.
The sky would not fall.

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