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John Cowan jcowan at reutershealth.com
Sat Apr 9 15:50:40 UTC 2005

Justin Clift scripsit:

> Hmmm.... should we look instead to the *legal* view of these things as 
> more definitive?

"The first thing you learn in a lawin' family is that there ain't no
definite answers to anything."
	--To Kill A Mockingbird

The only definitive legal view in a country is that of the court of
final appeal in that country.  Everything else is just speculation
and best effort.  (Which is not to say that all opinions are equal,
far from it.)

> Having a discussion about XYZ person's point of view having differences 
> to ABC's point of view is kind of moot for us, when we have a 
> specialised legal group (OSI & friends) possibly able to assist.

The people who are disagreeing are already eminent software IP lawyers.

> No worries.  See above reference to asking Laura's team for their 
> thoughts on this.  It could be possible we make a specific jurisdiction 
> license guide at first, look at how that's received, then consider other 
> jurisdictions from there.

The relevant jurisdiction here is the United States, and the answer is
that nobody knows the answer.

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