"Open Source Constitution"?

Andrew Aitken andrew at olliancegroup.com
Sat Apr 9 15:06:47 UTC 2005

I'd like to know if the OSI Board has had any conversations with the folks at CA and/or Sun about this? Danase? Their goal is a fine one but their selection of CDDL as the potential template is certainly alarming. Plus I hope they do not plan on using the word "constitution" in the license or for marketing purposes. That term has many powerful emotional associations I personlly believe are most appropriate for something developed by the community and in the spirit of "free" software not "commercial open source" software.

Andrew Aitken

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From: Andy Tai <lichengtai at yahoo.com>
To: license-discuss at opensource.org
Date: Saturday, April 9 2005 06:29
Subject: "Open Source Constitution"?
Some industry players, such as CA, are trying to
create an "Open Source Constitution" centered around
Sun's CDDL.  Perhaps they shall explain to the public
what are they trying to do?  Free Software and Open
Source shall not and cannot be redefined by these
vendors for pure commercial interests.

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